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Translators often talk about what we can and should do to please our clients. There’s nothing wrong with that at all – I always strive to exceed expectations – but we should also be selective when looking for new opportunities.

I revisited this guide for clients on Betti Moser’s website the other day, which outlines many points that create and maintain a healthy and successful business relationship. Maybe we should all have one of these on our websites…

The best things about my favourite clients are:
Friendly relationship
As I mention on my main website, I enjoy a relaxed relationship with my clients. The lack of forced formality creates a friendly atmosphere and makes asking questions a lot easier, which brings me to…
Good communication
Sharing information can really help when issues arise. Does your client let you know when the finished file has been safely received? I always check up on the receipt of files and invoices, and it’s a real help when I get a prompt reply.
I am happy to provide feedback for my graphic designer or web designer. As a client, I know that they all appreciate the time it takes to make comments or suggestions, and I am very grateful when my clients do the same. It also helps to add to my testimonials and build on my reputation, which is never a bad thing.
Respect for my work
Unfortunately, receiving an enquiry with an unrealistic deadline is not all that rare. When my favourite clients get in touch, they understand that quality work takes time and that I may not be able to take on a new project straight away. This understanding means that, faced with a choice, I make work for my favourite clients a priority.
Prompt, hassle-free payment
Paying promptly should be a given, but fast and reliable payment is definitely something that makes my favourite clients stand out.

What do you love about your favourite clients? It’s good to share 🙂

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This article was written by: Megan Onions

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