Are you a stereotypical translator?

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Are you perfectly suited to translation, or would you make a better interpreter? Is a career in research more ‘you’?

Check out The Great Language Career Test to find out!Logan film trailer

(Disclaimer: this is just for fun)

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This article was written by: Megan Onions

  1. 5 Comments

    • Jonathan Downie says:

      Thank you for linking to the article.

    • Jonathan Downie says:

      What did you score, BTW?

    • It’s a pleasure, Jonathan! My scores were quite a mixed bag, but the translator career path prevailed in the end!

    • Chiara Vecchi says:

      Thanks for sharing the link Meg and welcome back from Rome! I’m glad you survived the heat wave 🙂 I actually scored more for Community Interpreter and Translation came second, so it’s not too bad after all!

      • Thanks for commenting, Chiara! It was very hot in Rome, but we had a fabulous time 🙂

        I was surprised to find that I had quite a high interpreter score too!

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