Frequently asked questions:

Before getting in contact with me about a potential project, you will undoubtedly have questions. Take a look at this FAQ to see if I can save you some time.

How long will it take?

I employ an extremely thorough and considered approach to my work (see below). Here is a turnaround guideline for the main services that I provide:

Translation: up to 2,500 words per day, but this varies according to the project, as some more complex or creative projects will take longer, even with a smaller word count.
Editing, revision and localisation: 5,000-6,000 words per day, depending on the quality of the text.
Writing: this completely depends on the nature of the project, the complexity of the task and the subject matter involved. I would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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How does it work?

1. I will examine your text or brief at the enquiry stage to determine whether we are the best fit, taking into account the subject area, format, urgency and complexity of the project. If I am not the best person for the job, I will happily point you in the right direction.
2. If I am suited to the project, I will send you a detailed quotation, which I will need you to confirm in writing before work can start.
3. Once the project is confirmed, I will start by reading any reference material that you have provided, and familiarising myself with your particular field.
4. I may come back to you with questions before or during the translation stage, as collaboration ensures that the finished product is completely tailored to your purpose and target audience. To this end, I may ask for the details of a contact (this may be you or someone else).
5. I produce at least 2 drafts of the translation, before editing and proofreading it to ensure my best possible work.
6. I deliver the final text to you, on time and on budget, and ask for your feedback. I am committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, and your satisfaction is paramount.

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How much do you charge?

Depending on the scale of your project, I will either charge a flat fee or a day rate. This way, you know exactly how much the work will cost from the outset. Take a look at my services page for some examples of pricing.

For reference:
• Minimum fees: £50 for translations, £30 for proofreading and £75 for copywriting
• A deposit is required for new clients

Each project has a different subject area, format, deadline, target audience and purpose, so please contact me for a tailored quotation.

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My text is very short. How much will that cost?

My minimum charge will apply: £50 for translations, £30 for proofreading or £75 for copywriting. Specialist projects such as creating slogans or taglines are assessed on an individual basis. Just get in touch to tell me what you need.

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I represent a charity/non-profit organisation. Can you help?

I can! If I’m not up to my eyes with other projects, I would be happy to work with you. If required, I am able to offer reduced rates for services used in charity projects.

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When can I contact you?

I am available on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. I aim to reply to emails within 24 hours on working days. An additional charge may apply for evening and weekend projects.

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