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I focus on my strongest areas of work. I don’t tie myself up in knots with legal translation or medical proofreading, for example, which would result in a very stressed Megan and quite possibly sub-standard work. I primarily work with promotional material, as it’s what I do best.

If you were looking for a specialist legal professional to deal with your estate, would you entrust the job to the cheapest ‘jack of all trades’?

I have amassed extensive background knowledge, resources and specialist contacts in my working fields, and use these assets to craft top-quality content.


Recent projects:

Marketing and advertising

• Press releases on designer outdoor furniture, luxury spa packages, gourmet restaurants, eco offices and artisan felt
• Promotional brochures for premium pet food, washing detergent, clothing, footwear, printers and workwear
• Website content for dental clinics, fashion retailers, kitchenware companies, hotels and travel publishers
• Presentations on rebranding, promotional campaigns, sales figures, market research and social media
• Company newsletters and magazines including interviews with company executives, staff and clients
• Advertising copy for cosmetics and skincare companies, liqueur brands, hotel chains, e Readers and apps
• Invitations to gallery openings and exhibitions, seminars, conferences and prize-giving ceremonies
• Leaflets, flyers, brochures, customer catalogues, product descriptions, business cards, blog posts and articles

Recent project: company newsletter for a German chemicals company (German to English)

Sports and leisure

• Sportswear and equipment brochures
• Website content for ski resort, sportswear, equipment and team websites
• Player and team profiles
• Packaging for injury treatments
• Online and print articles
• Promotional material for players, teams and associations
• Flyers, brochures and price lists for fitness classes, spa facilities and activity programmes
• Profile of a Top 14 rugby player
• Articles and presentations on healthy living and nutrition

Recent project: presentation on nutrition for an organic drinks company (French to English)

Travel and tourism

• Website content for hotels, restaurants, museums, art galleries, tour providers and travel guides
• Booking information and correspondence for travel websites and agents, hotels and restaurants
• Press releases for hotels, restaurants, resorts and events
• Newspaper and magazine articles on tourist attractions
• Taxi finder and navigation apps
• Gallery, museum and event guides
• Blog series and articles on food tourism and gastronomy

Recent project: press release on Brazilian wines (German to English)


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• translation and transcreation
• editing and proofreading
• copywriting

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