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As my translation workload grinds to a festive halt, I’m using some of my spare time to really work on setting a few goals for 2013. If you’re wondering where to start, Corinne McKay has just written a great post on the subject. I also revisited a guest post on Catherine Translates, which provided some inspiration.


Here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty overview of my 2012 in numbers:

11 months of blogging

76 posts

148 comments (some my own)

10,958 pageviews (according to Google Analytics)

170,534 words translated

1 MA nearly completed

2 published articles

3 presentations


And here are a few goals for 2013:

Attend the ITI Conference – if any colleagues will be there, get in touch and we’ll meet up!

Identify and attend at least 2 industry events for my specialist areas

Work on finding some local direct clients

Attend industry workshops, either in person or online



Take at least 2 breaks with my other half – mainland Europe is right on our doorstep!

Refresh my neglected Spanish skills

Learn to play the piano – very much a long-term objective!


I’ve shown you mine, how about showing me yours? In the meantime, I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas break and a fulfilling and prosperous 2013.


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