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I have had a busy few weeks, so this morning I went for a manicure. One of the many benefits of being my own boss (there are approximately 8,579…) is being able to take the time to reward yourself every now and then.

While I was taking my time choosing my nail colour, I chatted to my beauty therapist and got around to talking about my business and recent website launch. I asked her about her company and we both discussed our legal structure, accounting processes and methods of finding clients. I eventually picked a colour (dark cherry, if you’re interested!), and she did a great job, which means that I recommend her: the most valuable client acquisition tool.

The lesson (or idea) here is to talk about yourself and your business to virtually anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if the person you talk to is involved in a completely different field; you never know what they can do for you, and you for them. Maybe they’re looking for a copywriter, maybe you could learn from their advertising methods. Maybe you could both help each other out in some way.

I have talked about translation and my business with a myriad of people, from my dentist to the florist I bought a bouquet from last week. If you think it could pay off, leave your business card with them. You never know what might come of it.

What is the most unusual method by which you have acquired a client?

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This article was written by: Megan Onions

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