Specialist translation, proofreading and copywriting

023Translation and transcreation from French and German to native British English

• Promotional material
Press releases, websites, brochures, business cards, leaflets and flyers, ads, slogans…
Recent project: website copy for a bespoke eyewear company (French to English)

• Marketing and communications
Newsletters, blog posts, social media campaigns, company profiles, case studies, market research results…
Recent project: interview for a company magazine (German to English)

• Sports and leisure
Sports clothing and equipment, match reports, club websites, event programmes, visitor information, articles…
Recent project: gastronomy blog series (French to English)

• Travel and tourism
City and museum guides, magazines, menus, hotel and restaurant websites, reviews, articles, blog posts…
Recent project: presentation for an online travel channel (German to English)


023Localisation, editing and proofreading of online and printed material

Business: presentations, articles, e-books, price lists, company profiles, catalogues…

Academic: essays, theses, CVs, profiles, application letters, personal statements…

Personal: invitations, personal blogs and websites, independent e-books, articles…

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028Copywriting for businesses and organisations

I can help you with:
• website content
• press releases
• newsletters
• magazine articles
• blog posts
• brochures
• leaflets
• presentations

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I charge a flat fee for each project, which includes any necessary research time and proofreading of the final version. This makes it easy for you: you know exactly how much the work will cost from the outset.

• A 2-page press release about your new weekend spa package: from £120
• Your website with around 3,000 words: from £450
• A 5-page brochure featuring your new product range: from £200
Minimum charge: £50

A surcharge may be added if your original material is not in an editable format (e.g. PDF, handwritten, etc.) or if the work is required urgently.

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What can I do for you?

• translation and transcreation
• editing and proofreading
• copywriting

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