Weekend Reading

If, like me, you’ll be experiencing some snow-related disruption this weekend, here are some links to keep you going:

*An interview with Corinne McKay – people who rock the industry
*A to-do list for translators by Konstantina at Wordyrama
*Thoughts on using ProZ in a guest post on Catherine Translates

*Less is more: pruning your copy by Clare Crossan at Word Play

*How do you make a clean break from work at the end of the week? Try this suggestion from writer Katie Anderson
*A guide to face-to-face networking for freelancers on Freelance Switch
*6 ways to beat home-office isolation from Work from Home Wisdom

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    This article was written by: Megan Onions

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      • Katie M Anderson says:

        Thanks for including a link to my little end of the week trick!

        Looks like there are some other great links too – they’ll definitely give me something to do while avoiding the snow.

      • Bronwen Davies says:

        Thank you for posting these links, Megan! Lots of tips and food for thought.
        I am snowed in at my parents’ in South Wales at the moment, but enjoying being nice and snug by a log fire :-)

      • @Katie It was a pleasure to come across your blog (credit to Emma Cossey!). I’ve added it to my feed burner, so I’ll be checking back :)

        @Bronwen That sounds lovely! We’re up in Herefordshire and staying with my parents, so I’m feeling much the same!

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