“England and America are two countries separated by a common language.” – George Bernard Shaw

Adapting your US English material to target a British audience isn’t just a matter of swapping ‘color’ for ‘colour’. Whole concepts that make sense to an American audience could be alien to UK readers. A few of the main categories of differences are:

Spelling – center v. centre, license v. licence, anaesthetic v. anesthetic
Vocabulary – carry on v. hand luggage, counter-clockwise v. anti-clockwise, closet v. wardrobe
Grammar – Monday through Friday v. (from) Monday to Friday, writing someone v. writing to someone, in the hospital v. in hospital
Date format – 12/25/2012 v. 25/12/2012 (Christmas Day). This can become confusing earlier in the year, e.g. 04/01/2012 would be read as 1st April by a US audience, whereas the date would be recognised as 4th January in the UK.

I can help you adapt US English content for a British audience. Let’s work together to get your message across.


Do you have trouble expressing what you want to say? Do you need your web or printed copy to be smartened up or updated? You’ve come to right place. I can help you with the phrasing of your message to ensure the best possible effect on the reader, whether you’re writing a speech, website content or a dissertation.

Editing is a comprehensive service which involves improving content, style and consistency, whether this is bilingual (comparing a translation to the original) or monolingual (working on a text written in English).


Maybe you have your material but you just want a second pair of eyes to go over it as a final check. Typos, repetitions or grammar slip-ups can be costly (not to mention embarrassing) to rectify once you go to print, so why not make sure that everything is perfect before making your content public?

Experience includes:
• Academic thesis (10,000 words)
• Supplier guidelines (9,000 words)
• Applications for the EU Access City Award (18,000 words)
• Medical reports for military personnel
• Newsletter about screening for Alzheimer’s disease
• Series of academic papers on Virginia Woolf
• Bread product catalogue
• Chemical review
• Brochure for a German printing company
• Academic paper on teaching methods
• Contract for a medical products company
• Wedding invitations, orders of service
• CVs and cover letters

For more information, an informal chat or a quotation, get in touch.

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