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Here are two blogs I have discovered (or finally got around to adding to my feed reader) over the past few weeks:

Blogs to Read

*Prêt à Voyager  – Anne Ditmeyer

Anne’s blog is a mine of information for the francophiles among us. An American freelance graphic designer, blogger, editor and consultant, Anne lives in Paris and shares her travel tips, Parisian anecdotes and informal French lessons in such an engaging way that this blog just had to take the top spot in this round-up.

Moving away from France and to travel in general, the blog also features a section called Boarding Pass, which is an extensive archive of features exploring people’s travels and how they record their memories. I really enjoy this section, and highly recommend it for some travel inspiration!

Check out Prêt à Voyager here

*The Freelance Lifestyle Blog – Emma Cossey

Emma is a freelance blogger, writer and web editor based in the South of England. Her blog focuses on, you guessed it, the freelance lifestyle! What I really like about Emma’s blog is her Three Minute Podcasts, where she offers bite-sized tips and advice. There are currently four podcasts available, but no doubt more will be added.

Another useful and original aspect of this blog is Emma’s Weekly Freelance Challenge. This week’s challenge is to evaluate your current rates, and consider whether they are working for you. There is a lot of advice, links and a personal angle to the post, and the other challenges follow the same pattern.

Take a look at The Freelance Lifestyle here

Have you come across any interesting blogs this week?

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