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Weekend Reading

If, like me, you’ll be experiencing some snow-related disruption this weekend, here are some links to keep you going:

*An interview with Corinne McKay – people who rock the industry
*A to-do list for translators by Konstantina at Wordyrama
*Thoughts on using ProZ in a guest post on Catherine Translates

*Less is more: pruning your copy by Clare Crossan at Word Play

*How do you make a clean break from work at the end of the week? Try this suggestion from writer Katie Anderson
*A guide to face-to-face networking for freelancers on Freelance Switch
*6 ways to beat home-office isolation from Work from Home Wisdom

Write, write, write

Do not disturb sign - writing productivity

Can you guess what my goal for today is?

I haven’t posted anything here for nearly a week (sorry!) because things have been pretty hectic on the translation front. As I’m sure my fellow freelancers would agree, when there is a lot of work to be done, other little jobs can slip off your to-do list.

However, there is good news! I was delighted to be invited to write an article for one of the professional associations that I belong to (stay tuned for news!), and I have been writing a paragraph here and there when I have been able to find a bit of time, but the deadline is now fast approaching. So today’s the day. I’m buckling down and getting on with it.

In the meantime, I have found a few posts to aid and inspire your own writing:

* 9 Clever Writing Tricks to Supercharge Your Blog Posts from Men with Pens
Procrastination: Dealing with the thief of time by Sarah Arrow on Sark eMedia
* 6 Proven Tips for Getting into the “Write” Mood at The Renegade Writer

If however, if you’re more in the mood for reading, how about working through the reading lists (here and here) that I put together earlier this year. In addition, fellow translator and friend Chiara Vecchi has recently written a review of Judy and Dagmar Jenner’s book The Entrepreneurial Linguist, which is well worth checking out.

I’ll be back soon, when I’ve finished my article. Wish me luck!

The Freelance Translator’s Reading List: Additions

Apologies for the extreme lack of posts lately. Now that the academic year is racing to a close, my MA commitments are inevitably taking over for a few weeks. Nevertheless, I have managed to find some time to add some of the great suggestions I have had from colleagues to the Freelance Translator’s Reading List (original post here).

I was delighted with the response I had to the idea of grouping some our favourite language and translation books together, and I would like to thank my fellow tweeting translators for adding to my wish list.

I will present each book here, along with a short note about the translator who suggested it:

  • On Writing – Stephen King (as recommended by the inspiring Chris Durban at a professional workshop)
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It – Richard Branson (not language-related, but a very popular motivational book)

Suggested by Alison Hughes (@AHcreattrans), a French to English creative translator, based in Milngavie, Scotland. Alison is also the coordinator of the Media, Arts and Tourism within the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

  • Mouse or Rat: Translation as Negotiation – Umberto Eco

Suggested by Anna Lycett (@keycheck_t9n), who provides English and Polish language services and is based in Leeds. Anna also maintains an industry blog, mainly directed at newcomers to the profession (read it here).

  • Through the Language Glass – Guy Deutscher

Suggested by Percy Balemans (@pbtranslations), an English and German to Dutch translator, who specialises in advertising material (transcreation), fashion, art, travel and tourism, journalism and human rights.

This book was also mentioned by Laura Bennett (@culturetrans), who is currently reading it.

Thanks again to everyone who got in touch. I have certainly enjoyed reading all of your thoughts, and I hope that others have too. I can make a start on my Christmas list now too 😉

If anyone still has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Word of the Week #1

It’s Friday! The end of the week (hopefully) signals a slowing of pace as we head towards a few days of rest, or at least non-translation activities.

In a move away from more serious topics, I am planning to make this a series of posts, as I have many, many favourite words in several languages, not just the ones I work with. This week, I have chosen to dip into properties and colour:

Word of the Week - Iridescent Bubbleiridescent – /ˌɪrɪˈdɛs(ə)nt/ (on a side note, I love the phonetic representations in dictionaries. I find myself saying the word out loud, and I think it helps the word stick in my mind).

According to the OED, this beautiful word means “showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles”.

I don’t think this rigid definition does justice to the fascinating, fluid and free image that the word conjures up, as is arguably the case for a huge number of words, but it is still a candidate for my top 10 favourite words.


Do any of my fellow linguists and word enthusiasts have a favourite? Please share it with me in the comments!

Oh and Happy Friday, everyone!